Commercial Inspections

Commercial Real Estate Inspections

Commercial real estate inspections are somewhat similar to a home inspection for the commercial market and are conducted prior to a purchase, sale or lease. This type of inspection allows the owners and/or buyers to recognize any problems that may exist on the property or that possibly could arise. Our commercial real estate inspector will evaluate the building and it’s mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection systems. Allow us to provide the inspection that will bring a piece of mind to all involved.

Property Condition Assessment (PCA)

Are you looking for something more extensive? A property condition assessment (PCA) may suit your needs. We at Jesal Home Inspections will report on your property’s condition, this report is a property condition report (PCR). Our PCA will comply with the standards set forth by ASTM E 2018-08. The PCR will identify potential future issues as well as potential financial risks. If requested, our personnel and specialty consultants may provide you a cost prediction for repairs and upgrades.

A property condition assessment includes:

Grounds: (curbing, paving, exterior lighting, retaining walls, signage, sidewalks) Envelope: (windows, doors, energy, roofing)

Structural: (foundations, columns, slabs) Mechanical Systems: (HVAC units, condensors, hydronic & gas piping, cooling towers)

Electrical Systems: (generators, transformers, panels, raceways) Plumbing: (water heaters, vent piping, drainage)

We offer Commercial Inspections in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland

Our inspections are done to ASTM Standards (E 2018-08) which is accepted by major financial institutions for financing or lease

We will inspect the following:

  • Retail Units
  • Warehouses
  • Places of worship
  • Hotels
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Office Buildings
  • Restaurants, Bars and more
  • Malls and Strip Malls
  • For more information or to book your commercial property inspection call 778-552-8095